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Hi, I really love these tracks! May I use them in a small commercial indie game I'm working on? (will be released on Steam first) I'll post the link here and will add you to the credits

Yes, of course.

Cool, thank you so much!

Thank you so much for the music. It’s perfect!

I used it in my game:


What a cool game! The music suits it well.

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That's what they are for, thanks to you for commenting, you have my permission.

Hey! I used some of the songs here for a Game Jam submission. Thank you for the amazing quality of these songs!

This is the game:


Thanks to you. Good job, I wish you luck with the game.

Thank you so much for these songs! I added them to my game and it made it so much better to play:

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I generally use FL STUDIO. The files are .FLP

Then I convert them to MIDI (.MID) and from there I pass them to other conversion programs.

I figured out, how to download it for free from bandcamp. Can you tell, which program do you used to compose the music? Also if it is something like a tracker, would it be possible to maybe get the  much smaller tracker files like HVL / AHX, PSG, or MOD, S3M, IT, I guess it could be possible to fit that one hour of quality music in under 1 MByte and not 80 MB. That would be awesome.