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Hey, this music is amazing! I am planning on using a lot of these songs in my game because it fits perfectly. I just wanted to make sure you are alright with that. I will definitely give you credit. It might be a few more months before I release it but I will let you know when I do.

That's what they are for, thanks to you for commenting, you have my permission.

Hey! I used some of the songs here for a Game Jam submission. Thank you for the amazing quality of these songs!

This is the game:


Thanks to you. Good job, I wish you luck with the game.

Thank you so much for these songs! I added them to my game and it made it so much better to play:

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I generally use FL STUDIO. The files are .FLP

Then I convert them to MIDI (.MID) and from there I pass them to other conversion programs.

I figured out, how to download it for free from bandcamp. Can you tell, which program do you used to compose the music? Also if it is something like a tracker, would it be possible to maybe get the  much smaller tracker files like HVL / AHX, PSG, or MOD, S3M, IT, I guess it could be possible to fit that one hour of quality music in under 1 MByte and not 80 MB. That would be awesome.